Selected Spot: Mavericks        Current Flow: 8.13cfs

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Spot Info: [Refresh Current Flow For All Spots] Last Refreshed: 07-14-2024 5:54:02 AM PDT

Name:   Mavericks   Current Flow: 8.13cfs Recorded on 07-14-2024 7:15:00 AM
River:     Water Temp:
Country:   United States   Turbidity: ?
Region:     PH: ?
State:     Min Flow: ~450cfs
City:     Ideal Flow:
Lat, Long:     Max Flow: ~850cfs
Gage Name:        
USGS Gage#:        
Gage Url:
Predict Url:   none defined... find one at NOAA

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Quality: Exploratory Poor Moderate Great Epic

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NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Maverickszach06-24-2021 12:00 AM640cfs9
NotesGauge read 640 when we got to the spot, but some recent rains meant the tribs could’ve been adding a little flow to the reading. Low-middle to low end of the sweet spot for this seam, or so it seemed. Great rides available up and down the seam. Three main zones: top (by the rock), middle (near where the main outflow from the more center falls hits the seam) and bottom (basically the seam runout). Everyone has their own style, but my thoughts are as follows… Top you could pocket up with a little work and sit up there for a bit before moving down; tended to wash out at a certain point and made it tough to smoothly link to the middle drop zone without coming up. Middle has become my favorite as it’s a smooth entry and almost immediately can put you in an eddy pocket where you can ride for daze and travel with abandon if you want or just sit and enjoy the bubbles. Bottom was more of a bonus link up or second dip, but I was impressed at how much it gave up consistently. Got deeep a number of times (got dark) and didn’t encounter the bottom. Big rides usually flirted with depth but didn’t require it. 20 seconds available at depths of 4ish feet FWIW if you catch a pocket. Warmer air and water temps made it excellent.

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Maverickshunter.c.b08-01-2020 12:00 AM0cfs
NotesAs of the late spring/early summer 2020, the gauge for LRC--including Mavericks--is different from how it was in the past (courtesy of some rearranged riverbank after a flood), so the range for Mavericks has probably bumped up a few hundred CFS on each end.

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