It's Time To Get Down...

What is this site?

This is a publicly maintained, interactive archive of mystery move spots. You can add your own spots... whether they be epic, a local spot your dialing in, or even a exploratory spot that you think would be good but never got a chance to sink at yet...

Assign your mystery spot the appropriate USGS Gage# for the river, and the min and max levels that your local spot is good at... this site will quickly tell you if it's running or not. If it's an exploration spot, add a journal entry to remind your self what a good or bad level was... as a tool to help dial in fickle spots.

Squirt boating and the knowledge of mystery moves seems to be mostly word of mouth... by squirt boaters, good friends and companions. It's a small subculture of the kayaking community, that is unique to experience and hard to explain. SinkSpots can be a place for that local knowledge to be preserved...and will hopefully let the knowledge live on and grow, and be a valueable tool for traveling sinkers passing through your local area looking for some downtime.

This is a public information share... feel free to change any information if you see that it is incorrect.

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Some thing isn't working right!
Please understand that this site is in BETA mode... meaning, I am frequently updating the site adding new features, so I may inadvertently break something and not realize it. So if you see something not behaving correctly, shoot me an email and ill fix it. Also, I am very receptive to any ideas/comments/suggestions about how to make this more functional or easy to use.. so please let me know.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!... always paddle with a more experienced and knowledgeable amphibian, and be SAFE out there my friends.